Striving for an economy that thinks and acts in circles, we connect producers and consumers through the stories behind the products.
Founded on the belief that we are better off when the journey a product takes is transparent & open, we provide the necessary tools to gather and display emissions, involved parties, costs and more, leading to an interactive digital product profile and the Ecular score, which empowers consumers to make more sustainable choices.


This project was founded by David Jablonski, a designer from Vienna. He’s looking for collaborators, so if you’re interested, get in touch at
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Ecular is meant to be a proof-of-concept and is currently in development. Soon we’ll launch the first prototype for a product profile that will enable you to see the life cycle of a product from cradle to cradle, including emissions, costs and involved parties.


In his bachelor’s thesis at FH JOANNEUM, David studied how visual communication can help us make more sustainable consumer choices. One of the results was a CO2 label, which is the basis of what is now known as Ecular.